Mr. Nathan Knauss has been a staple of the FIRST Community within the FIRST Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  As a FIRST alum of FRC Team 87, RVR, a FIRST mentor, and a volunteer, Mr. Knauss has been very active within the FIRST community.  He graduated from TCNJ with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Education and from… with  M. Ed. in STEM Curriculum & Instruction.  He has been a technology and engineering teacher at Cherokee High School since 2008, where he co-founded FRC 2729 Storm Robotics Team before co-founding FRC 2722 Charge Robotics in 2021. In 2019, he was recognized as the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region Woodie Flowers Award winner and in 2020 he was named Cherokee High School’s Teacher of the Year and Lenape District Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Knauss enjoys being a mentor because it allows him to impact and encourage student development and problem-solving skills.


Ms. Shaniqua Brown has been a part of the FIRST Community for over twenty years also an alum of FRC Team 87 RVR, a mentor of FRC Team 1647 Iron Devils, and a mentor of FRC Team 2729 Storm Robotics before co-founding FRC Team 2722 Charge Robotics with Mr. Nathan Knauss in 2021.  Ms. Brown graduated from TCNJ with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education and a Master of Science in Teacher Leadership from Walden University.  She has taught various technology and engineering classes in her 16 years of teaching in the district, but she specializes in Drafting and Design and TV and Film production.  Ms. Brown oversees the Branding and Marketing department of Charge Robotics.  She has a passion for education and believes in the ability of her students.  She has been best friends with Mr. Knauss for over ten years.


Mr. Matthew Reischer has been involved in FIRST Robotics for 10 years. He mentored FLL teams from 2014-2018 and has mentored Charge since 2022. Mr. Reischer has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and owns an energy consulting company. He enjoys teaching Aikido, a Japanese martial art in his free time. He also enjoys sharing the joy of teaching with students with the same interests as him.


Mr. Ed Cohen was a Storm Robotics mentor for 9 years and has been a Charge mentor since its inception in 2021. He has worked in his field for 30 years and continues to work at his own software consulting company, Vision-Edge. Mr. Cohen is passionate about sustainability and is involved with Sustainable South Jersey, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental education. Mr. Cohen enjoys mentoring because he sees students develop confidence and knowledge throughout the robotics season.


Mr. Patrick Doyle has been apart of the FIRST community for 10 years.  He was a mentor of STORM Robotics and continues to work with our team here at Charge.  He has been an engineer for 35 years specializing in mechanical and materials.  He has worked in the Navy and with the Department of Defense.  He has been a true asset to our fabrication team with his vast knowledge of engineering.  Not only does he mentor our team, but he also volunteers for robotics events across the mid-atlantic region as a robot inspector.


Mr. Carlos Gutierrez is a Lockheed Martin engineer and has been with Charge Robotics since 2021. He is especially skilled in Java and C++ and assists Charge’s software department. He strives to make robotics “just a little bit better”, and provide students with guidance to solve problems. 


Mr. Andrew Young has been a Charge mentor since 2022. He helps the Design and Fabrication department with the robot design throughout the build season.  He has been an engineer for 12 years and currently works for Lockheed Martin as a technical project manager. In his free time, Andy enjoys basketball and skiing.